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Wong is a Peruvian sub-brand for the Cencosud group, a supermarket chain that leads the South American retail marketplace.

The client's need was to design a brand new mobile app (iOS and Android).

The Challenge

The Challenge

The proposal was to build the first supermarket app of Peru, with a user-centered approach as their target audience isn’t tech savvy.

The first release was only with a few product categories to narrow the scope of the project. 

We started with: electronics, furniture, appliances, sports and toys.

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The Solution

The Solution

To create a successful e-commerce storefront we needed to understand the user's behavior while shopping online, solve his pain points and provide some gamification elements to customize the experience even further.

To do so, we took the following measures of success:

• Design a trendy mobile app, scalable and trustworthy for the user.
• Easy to navigate through product collections.
• Search and filter functionality should be solid to help users to easily find their products.
• Strong use of photo galleries showcasing Wong's products in context or in use.
• Straightforward check out process.
• A loyal customer base to create repeat purchasers.


Favorite Products' Cards

Favorite Products' Cards

Category and product cards were created to add personalization to the shopping experience. The products selected in these cards will appear first in the menu and the user will receive notifications about discounts or new arrivals of the type of product selected.

Subtle transitions are used to create a sense of sophistication while keeping the experience simple.

Can’t sell a product that customers can’t find

Can’t sell a product that customers can’t find

The app must accommodate all types of searches and return relevant results for categories, products, and product characteristics. Search was a critical element of building a profitable e-commerce app.

As it was predicted that the app could grow and offer multiple services, the solution was to apply facet controls. As long as the controls are displayed properly, most people jump right into creating and refining their queries. Instant results are an important part of the process because they allow users to see right away if they have applied the wrong filter, or applied overly narrow criteria that eliminate too many options.

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