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Materiall provide big data and analysis services for eCommerce companies to help them convert and provide a better user experience.

Enhancing the ability to cross-sell with a better understanding of product relationships and consumer preferences.



To design a website that helps both in converting new clients efficiently and serving as a comprehensive and powerful marketing communications backbone.

Their target audiences are marketing and sales professionals from eCommerce companies, despite being involved in IT they are not tech savvy enough to understand the power of Materiall's proposal.

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The initial research and information on the architectural design phase resulted in suggesting Materiall to focus its communications on specific client types and easily explain them the impact that Big Data could make in their sales goals.

This would allow the visitors to easily identify themselves, receive information that reflects their needs and get in touch with the company right on the home screen.

The rest of the product and company related information was carefully designed to create rich and inspiring yet tech-related look & feel. Though the industry leaders have a limited palette, technology is all about innovation: So the color choices were outside of the standards to be perceived as modern, bold, and techie.

The highlights of the project are a set of functional diagrams and motion graphics that help the visitors understand the complexity behind Materiall's algorithms.

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